Glass Crane and Moving Services

Spider Crane

Our services to our contracting partners include the provision of state-of-the-art cranes and lifting equipment. We offer a safe and convenient solution for lifting an extremely heavy glass and inserting it into the opening. This allows us to lift glass or complete windows up to 2 or 3 stories high, which would be extremely risky, dangerous, or physically impossible to move by manpower.

With the new Hoeflon C6 spider crane, glass can be moved in extreme conditions, either horizontally or vertically. For exact technical parameters, please contact your customer service representative.

Glass robot

For the flat area scrubbing, we provide our partners with our electric glass robot (TGT Robby 420), which can effortlessly load the glass from the cage to the installation site. The machine can be moved by remote control and the lifting head can be tilted sideways 180 degrees by means of a motor. It is telescopic, the arm extends up to 600 mm and the maximum load capacity is 420 kg.

PAUS lift

This telescopic lift can raise the windows up to a height of 28 meters. It is fast and safe to move, ideal for lifting large quantities of windows and doors. The trailer-type lift is easy to install and requires a trained operator. The lifting basket can be loaded up to 250 kg and can lift up to 1800 mm wide windows.

Paus Easy Big lift for moving windows upstairs