Angyal-house III. ütem

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Angyal condominium III. ütem – Budapest XIII. district Huba street – Kassák Lajos street corner

The condominium, built-in 2020, consists of 22 apartments and 1 office on the ground floor. The upstairs apartments have been fitted with high-quality M-9000 white PVC windows, while the downstairs rooms have been fitted with M-9000 windows in anthracite color. They have an excellent thermal insulation value, approaching the requirements for passive house windows.

The main entrance portal of the apartment building is subject to intensive and regular use, so a durable and beautiful aluminum structure was chosen.

As the customers were completely satisfied with the MARSHALL windows of the Angel House II, built a few years ago, the order for the current Angel House III condominium was placed, which was a great pleasure for us..

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Az Angyal-house backyard side view, MARSHALL M-9000 windows