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Premium MARSHALL Accessory
9 different colors, silky smooth surface
Environmental effects:
Scratch-resistant, fade-free

A unique technical solution is the acrylic coating of the PVC window surface, which makes the windows and doors exceptionally durable and gives them beautiful aesthetics. The innovative acryl color coating is made of plexiglass (PMMA), which is twice as hard as the white PVC surface of the windows. It stands out with its high scratch resistance, significantly more resistant to weathering. The silky, non-porous surface adheres less to dust and other contaminants. The acrylic layer does not peel off or crack. The acrylic surface is scratch-resistant, color-fast, and weather-resistant.

Scratch resistant:Thick acrylic coating, that can be repaired

Color-Fast for decades:Due to the acrylic coating colored in the material

Aesthetics:Silky-smooth, elegant surface

Optional:M-OC, M-9000, M-9000 plus windows-doors. KUBUS windows standard feature.

variation possibilities

We have a wide selection at your disposal to get the components that best fit your doors and windows.
DB703 grainy
Anthracite gray
RAL7016 Anthrazitgrau
RAL9005 Tiefschwarz
Sepia brown
RAL 8014 Sepiabraun
RAL 7040 Fenstergrau
RAL 9016 Verkehrsweiß
RAL 9007 Silber
Quartz gray
RAL 7039 Quarzgrau
Slate gray
RAL 7015 Schiefergrau

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