automata szellőztető

Automatic Ventilation

Quality MARSHALL Accessory
Automatic air supply:
Fresh air regulated

Achieving airtightness is an important goal in newly built and renovated properties. A sign of this is that there is no part of the property that is directly permeable to air. Ventilation should only be implemented under controlled conditions, for which the most practical solution is the air inlet that can be built into the window, and its counterpart, the air outlet. This provides fresh air for those living in the property, on the other hand, if there is an open combustion chamber gas appliance, the law obliges the owners to use the air inlet. The humidity-sensing versions only open in the event of increased humidity, so they ventilate when they are needed.

Air inlet + open burner gas appliance:Mandatory

Air inlet where there is no open combustion chamber gas appliance:Recommended due to fresh air supply

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