Curtain wall – Aluminum

Exclusive MARSHALL Product
Thermal Insulation:
Up to Uf=0.84 W/m2K
Wind resistance:
2600 Pa ± 3900 Pa, EN 13116:2004
Fire protection:
Also available in fireproof design
Narrow lesene, multiple colors

The curtain wall is a popular facade solution for office buildings and community properties. It has also become fashionable in single-family homes due to the larger glass area and small-looking frame width. It can be made with various safety and heat-insulating glasses with a solid aluminum structure. The elegance is enhanced by the fact that it can be made with very narrow lesene, even as a structural glass wall, so the sight is mostly dominated by glass and not the frame.

Aluminum Profile:Good thermal insulation, statics, and thin looking lesene

Glasses:Various types of thermal insulating, sound-insulating, and safety glasses

Fitting:Openable option also available

Curtain wall – Aluminum - Specifications

Sizes in mm

Total thickness


Lesene and rafter apparent width


Maximum thickness of triple-glazed glass


Opening Types

Fixed curtain wall


Tilting window in curtain wall


Entrance door in the curtain wall


Opening window


Values, Other Information

Uf value passive+ (W/m2K)


Uf value (standard options, W/m2K)


Wind resistance

2600 Pa ± 3900 Pa, EN 13116:2004


RE1950 class, EN 12154

Curtain wall – Aluminum - Profile Properties

Profile composition:
Exterior chamber + thermal bridge ender insert + interior chamber
Two or Three-layer glasses, up to 59mm
Thermal-bridge ender insert:
Guarantees good thermal insulation and thermal-bridge freeness
Lesene and Rafter:
only 55 mm wide
Massive columns and rafters:
Meet static requirements

Curtain wall – Aluminum - Glazing Properties

The glass of windows, balcony doors, sliding doors can be endowed with a wide range of helpful comfort, thermal insulation, or safety functions. As standard, double-layer glass already has an excellent thermal insulation value (Ug = 1.0 W / m2K), but it can also be ordered with laminated safety glass or 3-layer glazing with extra thermal insulation.

The most popular glass types

Traditional double glazed (Ug=1.0 W/m2K)


Laminated safety glasses up to 59mm


Sound insulating glass (up to 38-47 dB)


Triple-glazed insulated glass (Ug=0.6 W/m2K)


Extra Triple-glazed insulated glass (Ug=0.35 W/m2K)


Curtain wall – Aluminum -Hinge/Fitting Properties

The MARSHALL windows, balcony doors, sliding doors already come standard with extra
security and convenience features. Comfort and safety at no additional charge!
Column-Rafter fastening
with strong stainless steel pins

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