Exclusive Aluminum Front Doors

Exclusive MARSHALL Product
Thermal Insulation:
Ud=0.5 W/m2K
Anti-burglary protection level:
RC2 security level available
Completely unique, color and pattern

We have put together this door with its technical features and comfort in a way to impress customers with sophisticated taste. Technological solutions such as a concealed sash inside and out, a concealed hinge, or a sophisticated design push-bar are just a taste of many extra features that come with the door as standard. A new trend is the glass-leaf door leaf, which offers a gleaming surface and a unique elegance at the same time.

Aluminium profile:Extremely good sealing, a great option even for passive houses!

Door panel:Extremely good sealing 95 mm thick door panels

Fitting/Hinge:G-U security fitting, RC3 security level available

Seal:Triple seal with center stopper seal

Exkluzív ajtó kínálatunk


sizes in mm

Total thickness of window


Case installation depth


opening types

Single Sash front door


Double Sash (Double Sash w/ or w/o mullion)


Complex, Coupled Structures


Coupleable to curtain walls


Values, other data

Ud value (Up=0.27 W/m2K, Example size 1230x2180 mm )


Number of circumferential stopper seals


Standard door size

1200 x 2250 mm

Max. door size

1300 x 3000 mm

Profile - properties

Aluminum profile composition:
Insulating and thermal breaker insert between outer and inner chamber
Concealed sash door panel:
On both sides of the door
Two uninterrupted EPDM stopper seals
Door sill:
Heat bridge-free low door sill
Non-Cascading design:
Modern surface, flush with the case
The hidden hinges that are not visible when the door is closed

Door Panel - Properties

The door panel affects the thermal insulation, burglary protection, and sound insulation

Most Popular Door Panels

Extremely insulated door panel, 95 mm


Glass door panel (Frosted)


Milling or marquetry applique decoration


Multiple color door panel optional



The burglary protection of the front door is guaranteed by selected parts and innovative
technical solutions for all MARSHALL aluminum doors.
Standard door lock
2-point or 3-point automatic bar locks
Stainless steel push handle
A lot of different options available (types, sizes)
Broad locking system selection
From mechanical to motorized options
Concealed Hinge
Hidden between the case and the sash
Key turning
Can be used inside and outside at the same time
Special Key
Code card + 5 keys
Fingerprint scanner
Can open the door and it is programmable (optional)
'Keyless' door opening
Just like in cars (optional)

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