Fire-Retardant Glass wall – MB78ei

Premium MARSHALL Product
EI30 or EI60
Airy design even without columns

Office glass wall system - fireproof design. The huge advantage of the MB78ei system is that there is no need to compromise between design and functionality. The vast glass sheets do not contain the vertical elements but only a 4 mm silicone joint. This gives us an airy, elegant partition system, which also acts as a fire-retardant glass wall.

Design:Recessed design in the floor and ceiling

Fire-Retardant Glass wall – MB78ei - Specifications

Sizes in mm

Profile installation depth


Profile height


Opening Types

Full glass door sash


Aluminum case structure


Values, Other Information

Glass wall width limit


Fire-Retardant Glass wall – MB78ei - Profile Properties

Fireretardancy class:
EI30 or EI60
Up to 3600 mm high, 1500 mm wide fireproof glass
Alignment of glass modules:
Fitted with silicone, barely visible, in a band of only 4 mm
Profile recessed:
In the floor and ceiling

Fire-Retardant Glass wall – MB78ei - Glazing Properties

The glass of windows, balcony doors, sliding doors can be endowed with a wide range of helpful comfort, thermal insulation, or safety functions. As standard, double-layer glass already has an excellent thermal insulation value (Ug = 1.0 W / m2K), but it can also be ordered with laminated safety glass or 3-layer glazing with extra thermal insulation.

The most popular glass types

Fireproof glass


Fire-Retardant Glass wall – MB78ei -Hinge/Fitting Properties

The MARSHALL windows, balcony doors, sliding doors already come standard with extra
security and convenience features. Comfort and safety at no additional charge!
Door fitting
Hinges and other hardware are products of Aluprof aka. Geze

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