Front-Mounted Plastic Shutter

Quality MARSHALL Product
Maximum width:
160 cm
Case size:
137, 165 or 180 mm

The Front-Mounted Plastic Shutter is the most sought-after type, not only because of its low price but also because it can be mounted on the outer plane of any kind of door and window, used for renovation or new construction. The casing structure of the shutters is made of galvanized, factory-painted, foiled steel strip; any of the three shapes of your choice can be made. Shutter strips with a useful height of 37 mm are light-tight. Modern roller shutters have favorable winding dimensions and can therefore be manufactured with a relatively small casing size. There are also innovative solutions in the shutter: a brush placed inside the runner for quieter operation, a bearing-mounted shaft structure for easier handling, an aluminum casing, and an end strip for longer shutter life. A stopper is standard on all our shutters, so we prevent the shutter bar from turning into the casing structure during lifting. The shutter can be made with built-in mosquito nets if required.

Shutter box:Factory painted galvanized sheet metal


Guide rail:Plastic and brushed for quieter operation


Bottom profile:Extruded aluminum, rubber finish


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