Front-Mounted External Venetian Blinds

Premium MARSHALL Product

The prefabricated blinds are typically chosen for newly built properties. They can be installed simultaneously with installing the windows, balcony door, or sliding door, and afterward, during renovation. Its characteristic feature is that the formwork box is located in front of/above the window casing, connected to the casing extension or the jumper. The insulation behind the blinds ensures thermal bridging. It also meets the basic requirements of the minimum style if ordered in a concealed, that is, a plasterable case design. It is also available with a traditional, visible case, square, or even rounded design. It is a highly prestigious blind due to its unsurpassed visual and functional properties. By lowering the slats (shutter slats), the amount of incoming light can be fine-tuned by changing the angle of incidence of the light. A complete light barrier can also be achieved thanks to the innovatively shaped lamellas - ROMA CDL. These slats are made of aluminum alloy, which also has the added benefit of increased burglary protection and strong wind protection. The most elegant form of moving the slats is the motorized design, which can be activated remotely. It can also be connected to an intelligent home system so that the wind and sunlight sensors can automatically activate the blind, but the shading system can even be controlled from a smartphone.

Insect screen:Possible

Motor operation:Optional

Case type:Visible or concealed

Installation:During new construction or renovation

Unique colors:Available in 330 different colors

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