Glass Breakage Sensor – Gealan-Sense Glass

Quality MARSHALL Product

The Gealan-Sense Glass can be retrofitted to the glass and is only activated in the event of a glass break. A 100 dB siren then warns of intrusion. Thanks to its intelligent operating principle, for example, a ball no longer alerts you when it hits a window. This simple but even more useful alarm works with a 3V Lithium battery, even smaller than a matchbox, for up to 5-6 years, so it is practically maintenance-free. It is easy to install, thanks to the self-adhesive back.

Compact size:68 x 30,5 x 12 mm, total weight=30 g

Alarm:Alarm when breaking the window (siren 110 dB)

Battery life:Maintenance-free service life, the battery only needs to be replaced after 5–6 years

Protected Glass Surface:Under 2 m2 One alarm, above that Two alarms is recommended

Window types:Independent of the fittings or window profile

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