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Heat Reflective Glass – Against The Summer Heat

Quality MARSHALL Accessory
Protection against the hot summer heat:
Reflects up to 58% of the sun rays

In summer, a well-sunny property, especially a conservatory, can become unbearably warm. Therefore, in addition to using blinds, it is advisable to choose a door with heat-reflecting glass. Glass with ClimaGuard Solar coating reflects 58% of the sun's heat, so the apartment or office heats up much more slowly. The thin metal-containing protective layer is invisible to the naked eye, only 2 thousandths of the thickness of a hair, which barely obstructs the entry of light. The thermal protection coating essentially lowers the blind halfway, yet the light still enters the property. As a result, the cost of operating the air conditioner will be lower.

Summer advantages:58% of the incoming sun heat gets reflected

Winter advantages:A Special Low-E layer insulates

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