Linear Windows and Balcony Doors

Premium Marshall Product
Thermal Insulation Value(Uw):
0.79 W/m2K possible
Noise Reduction Value:
32 dB base, 47 dB possible
Anti-burglary protection level:
RC2 optional
Wood effect or Colored acrylic coating available

With its trendy square design and center seal solution, the new Linear window draws attention to itself. The highly favorable price makes it stir up the market supply because a window with such technical and aesthetic composition was practically non-existent. Quite excellent thermal insulation properties prove that the window with three layers of glass MEETS PASSIVE HOUSE expectations! An ideal choice for newly built properties and renovations. (For Ug = 0.5 for a 1230x1480 mm window with Uw = 0.79 W / m2K) And in the case of double-glazed glass, it is well suited for newly built properties rules, as the Uw value of the window, is 1.1 W / m2K (Ug = 1.0 warm-edged two-layer with glass, standard size)

Linear Windows and Balcony Doors - Specifications

Sizes in mm

Total thickness of windows and doors


Case and hinge apparent height


Minimum thickness of double-glazed glass


Maximum thickness of tripple-glazed glass


Case installation depth


Opening Types

Single Sash(Casement or Tilt-Turn)


Double Sash (Double Sash w/ or w/o mullion)


Complex, Coupled structures


Values, Other Information

Uf Value (profile heat transfer value, W/m2K)


Uw Value (Ug=1.0 warm edge, 1230x1470 mm) (W/m2K)


Number of circumferential seals

3 db (MD)

Steel reinforcement in case and sash


Steel reinforcement in colored structure cases

Reinforced Design

Linear Windows and Balcony Doors - Profile Properties

6 air chamber cases, 6 air chamber sash. Its heat transfer value is 1.1 W / m2K. German quality!
Double circumferential seal + Middle seal (MD) in gray or black
Steel Reinforcement:
U-profile for white structures; Reinforced profile for colored structures
2 or 3 layers, 24-48 mm: various heat and sound insulating glass available
Glazing Bead:
Square glazing bead, adjusting to the thickness of the glass
MACO Multi-Matic safety mushroom head fitting, with many extras as standard

Linear Windows and Balcony Doors - Glazing Properties

The glass of windows, balcony doors, sliding doors can be endowed with a wide range of helpful comfort, thermal insulation, or safety functions. As standard, double-layer glass already has an excellent thermal insulation value (Ug = 1.0 W / m2K), but it can also be ordered with laminated safety glass or 3-layer glazing with extra thermal insulation.

The most popular glass types

Traditional double glazed (Ug=1.0 W/m2K)


Laminated safety glass, double glaze


Sound insulating glass (up to 36-42 dB)


Tripple-glazed insulated glass (Ug = 0.6 W / m2K)


Warm edged tripple-glazed insulated glass (Ug=0,5 W/m2K)


Linear Windows and Balcony Doors -Hinge/Fitting Properties

The MARSHALL windows, balcony doors, sliding doors already come standard with extra
security and convenience features. Comfort and safety at no additional charge!
Mushroom head locking pin
STANDARD for all windows!
Security lock receiver
Against prying burglaries
Built-in draft stopper
It does not close with strong drafts
Partial ventilation
The window only opens a few mm
Accident-free tilt/open useability
Door Catcher(Option)
The balcony door can be opened by pushing it from the outside.

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