M-9000 bejárati ajtó

M-9000 Front Doors

Premium MARSHALL Product
Thermal Insulation:
Up to Uf=0.92 W/m2K is excellent
Anti-burglary protection level:
From Base security to RC2
White, Colorful or Wood decor finishes

The M-9000 PVC front door is an ideal choice for demanding, newly built family houses. Its outstanding properties are excellent thermal insulation and excellent sealing capabilities.

PVC profile:6 air chamber case, 6 air chamber sash

Door Panel:Up to 52 mm thickness

Hinge:5 point security lock / 3D quality hardware / Thermal bridge free aluminum sill / Security cylinder comes with three keys


Sizes in mm

Total thickness of door


Door panel maximum thickness


Case installation depth


Opening types

Opening inwards


Opening outwards


Sorolható az M-9000 windows


Values, other data

Uf value (profile heat transfer value, W/m2K)


Number of circumferential seals

3 db (MD)

Steel reinforcement in case and sash


PROFILE - properties

PVC profile:
6 air chamber cases, 6 air chamber sash. Its heat transfer value is 0.92 W / m2K. German quality!
Steel Reinforcement:
U-profile for white structures; closed profile for colored structures
Door Panel:
Max. 52 mm thick insulated door panel. In 100 different styles! (See more on the bottom of the page)
Triple circumferential seal + Rubber middle seal
Door Sill:
Thermal bridge-free aluminum door sill

Door panel - properties

The door panel affects the thermal insulation, burglary protection, and sound insulation

Most Popular Door Panels

More than a 100 different style door panels


Glass panel options


Classical, Wood decor vinyl style door panels


Modern door panels


Door Panel Types

door fitting - properties

The burglary protection of the front door is guaranteed by selected parts and innovative
technical solutions for all MARSHALL plastic doors.
Leaf Straps
Aesthetic finish
Door Sill
Aluminum, Thermal bridge free
Lock Insert
Security cylinder with 3 keys
Rod Lock
5 point locking, security design
Lock Receiver
Security lock receiver

PVC Front Door Panels Catalog (Rurik)

PVC Front Door Panels Catalog (GRAD)

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