Modular External Venetian Blinds

Premium MARSHALL Product

The facade blinds can be installed even after installing the window, balcony door, or sliding door, which is an excellent solution during a renovation. Its characteristic feature is that the formwork box is flush with the external wall plane, so it does not directly contact the door and window. This is a thermally perfect solution, as the masonry behind the shutter casing is full-width, which excludes the possibility of a thermal bridge. The unique feature of the facade blinds is that the upper third of the slats can be moved separately. While the lower two-thirds are shaded when closed, the upper third can be rotated as desired. The blind is a highly prestigious blind due to its unsurpassed visual and functional properties. The slats (shutter slats) by lowering the angle of incidence of the amount of incoming light can be adjusted. Thanks to the S-shaped (DBL) slats, an increased light barrier can be created. These slats are made of aluminum alloy and create a unique effect depending on the angle of incidence of the light.

Case type:Visible or concealed

Installation:Typically during renovations

Operation:Manual (guided rail, corded, or with console)


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