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Noise Insulated Glasses

Minőségi MARSHALL Termék
Noise Insulation:
Up to 50dB
Extreme sizes:
Aluminum or PVC

Noisy urban environments can also be made livable, primarily through the use of special glazing. The noise insulation of the glass is provided by the two laminated glass layers, among which there is a particular noise protection film. This is barely visible to the naked eye, but it dampens the vibrations of the sound very well. The thickness and material of the film significantly affect the effectiveness of noise reduction. Our popular noise barriers:

39 dB (3 layer glass):3.3.1 VSG/16/4/16/4 Low−E+ Argon

40 dB (3 layer glass):3.3.1 PVB/16/4 Low−E/18/4 Low−E+ Argon

41 dB (3 layer glass):4.4.1 CGS/16/6/16/6 Low−E+ Argon

42 dB (3 layer glass):4.4.2 PVB/14/6 Low−E/14/4.4.2 PVB Low−E+ Argon

44 dB (2 layer glass):10/20/4.4.1 SR Low−E+ Argon

50 dB (2 layer glass):4.4.3 SR/ 22 Ag/6.6.3 SR Low−E

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