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Office Space Separator – Aluminium

Premium MARSHALL Product
Thermal Insulation:
designed without thermal insulation
Sound insulation:
Between 36 dB and 47 dB
Floor to ceiling solution
Narrow rafters, any of the RAL colors

The office space divider is a highly flexible solution for dividing interiors. Discretion and transparency can be achieved simultaneously, thanks to the shading between the double glazing. The glass is optional with enhanced sound insulation properties, creating a quiet office environment and protecting against accidents (glass breakage).

Aluminum Profile:Extremely narrow rafters (40 mm)

Glass:Two layers of glass with a large air gap

Shading options:Controllable insight or incoming light

Door or fix separators:with glass inserts or aluminum panels

Office Space Separator – Aluminium - Specifications

Sizes in mm

Total thickness of separator


Apparent width of rafters (profile)


Minimum air gap between the two layers of glass


Case installation depth


Glass maximum thickness (individually)


Opening Types

Door with sash profile


Glass door without sash profile


Door panel design in one plane


Values, Other Information

Sound insulation

36-47 dB

Maximum sash weight of a glass door

50 kg

Maximum width of glass door

1000 mm

Office Space Separator – Aluminium - Profile Properties

Profile Composition:
Middle column + glazing beads (rafters)
Narrow, 40 mm apparent width
Two glasses, between 6-15 mm, even in sound insulating glasses
Shading options:
Blinds Between the two layers of glass, maintenance-free
In the color of your choice:
In any of the RAL colors

Office Space Separator – Aluminium - Glazing Properties

The glass of windows, balcony doors, sliding doors can be endowed with a wide range of helpful comfort, thermal insulation, or safety functions. As standard, double-layer glass already has an excellent thermal insulation value (Ug = 1.0 W / m2K), but it can also be ordered with laminated safety glass or 3-layer glazing with extra thermal insulation.

The most popular glass types

Tempered glass


Sound-insulated glass up to 47 dB


Colored glass material


Office Space Separator – Aluminium -Hinge/Fitting Properties

The MARSHALL windows, balcony doors, sliding doors already come standard with extra
security and convenience features. Comfort and safety at no additional charge!
Modular structure
Easy to build and transform
Panel door option
Elegantly, in one plane with the case
Glass door option
One layer tempered glass
Glass door hinge, lock
Aesthetic anodized aluminum
Without vertical rafters
Glass to glass connection

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