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Premium Aluminum Front Doors

Premium MARSHALL Product
Thermal Insulation:
Ud=1.0 W/m2K
Anti-burglary protection level:
RC2 security level available
Cleaned up form, 7 different colors available

The Premium Aluminum Front Door is the right choice for a sleek, modern-style building. An aluminum door with a concealed sash on the outside is an essential part of a modern home. This MARSHALL product is already close to the luxury category; it has excellent thermal insulation and burglary protection. Provided some technical extras that the customer can live without (ex., fingerprint reader), then the Premium door is a great choice, and its price is sensationally favorable.

Aluminum Profile:A modern concealed hinge on the exterior

Door panel:Excellent thermally insulated door panels

Hinge/Fitting:3 point rod lock, keyless in and out

Seal, Door sill:Double seal, low aluminum door sill

Hinges:Discrete leaf hinges

Premium door selection

The door is characterized by a minimalist design, with the most important feature being the unpatterned door leaf, which is flush with the frame.
Our most popular model is the Smart 1, which is decorated with horizontally positioned glass inserts. The practicality of these is that they allow
The Smart 2 door is suited to homes where a square shape is a common motif, which is echoed in the glass and allows
The Smart 3 door is a retro style with a long glass insert in a state-of-the-art design. The concealed sash and stainless steel push
The Smart 4 entrance door is adorned with seven strips of glass inserts. Its monotonous rhythmic design symbolizes the succession of days in a
The three vertical glass strips in the Smart 5 door resemble interlocking links. They symbolize the close-knit bond that the door reminds us of
The door has a thin slit-like glass insert. During the evening, the glow of the glass from the light inside tells you that there


sizes in mm

Total thickness of door


Door panel thickness


Case installation depth


opening types

Single Sash front door


Double Sash (Double Sash w/ or w/o mullion)


Complex, Coupled Structures


Coupled to Curtain wall


Values, other data

Ud value (Example size: 1230x2180 mm)


Number of circumferential stopper seals

2 db

Max. size

1250 x 2400 mm

Profile - properties

Aluminum profile composition:
Outer chamber + thermal bridge stopper insert + inner chamber
Concealed sash door panel:
60 mm thick! sheet+insulation layer
Two uninterrupted EPDM stopper seals
Door sill:
Heat bridge-free low door sill
Cascading design:
Discrete edges, thanks to the thick door panels
Hinges, Rod locks:
Colored leaf hinges, automatic rod lock

Door Panel - Properties

The door panel affects the thermal insulation, burglary protection, and sound insulation

Most Popular Door Panels

Insulated door panels, 24 mm


Highly insulated door panel, 60 mm


Glass door panel (Frosted)


Milling or marquetry applique decoration


Multiple color door panel optional



The burglary protection of the front door is guaranteed by selected parts and innovative
technical solutions for all MARSHALL aluminum doors.
Door lock, door handle
3 point rod lock, Dallas handle
Key turning
Can be used inside and outside at the same time
Stainless steel push handle
Three types, sizes from: 400-1800 mm
Rod lock with steel pin
Two steel rods
Anodized door hinge
Discrete, but massive

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