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Profile Insulation Foam (IKD)

Quality MARSHALL Equipment
Heat insulation:
Increases profile insulation

The thermal insulation value of PVC windows is the Uf value, which is also an excellent standard. It can be further increased with the innovative foam filling process (IKD). One of the air chambers is filled with a special insulating foam, which 100% fills the available space. It is a technologically demanding implementation, as the insulating foam enters the air chamber during the production (extrusion) of the profile. This innovative process is often chosen when the property has to meet high-end insulation requirements—recommended for passive houses or extremely cold natural environments. The Uf value of the M-9000 is 0.92 W / m2K by default, and the foam-filled version is 0.89 W / m2K, which is an outstanding value.

M-OC windows and balcony doors:optional

M-9000 windows and balcony doors:optional

M-9000 plusz windows and balcony doors:optional

KUBUS windows and balcony doors:standard feature

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