RAL ablakbeépítés

RAL Window Installation

Premium MARSHALL Product
Thermal Insulation:
Smaller amount of heat loss
Noise Insulation:
Quiter environment
Moisture barrier and Moisture permeable:
Walls stay dry

When installing a plastic window or door with excellent thermal insulation, few people think that improper window installation can worsen the overall thermal insulation value. Of course, this does not happen at first, but only after a few years when the polyurethane insulating foam (PUR-foam) loses a lot of its insulating effect due to moisture. An innovative process - the German RAL standard - preserves the PUR-foam and thus the insulating capacity of the door and window. The window installation system is recommended for all plastic window replacements, whether it is a mid-range or high-end PVC window.

Moisture locking strip:glued to the inside and outside of the windows

PUR foam, or swelling strip:between the window frame and the wall

Moisture permeable strip:glued to the inside and outside of the windows

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