Smoovio tolóajtó

Smoovio Sliding Door

Premium MARSHALL Product
Thermal Insulation:
Up to Uw=0.85 W/m2K possible
Noise Reduction Value:
Up to 46 dB possible
Anti-burglary protection level:
From base security up to RC2
Narrow sash, Wood feeling, Acrylcolor

Smoovio is an improved version of the sliding doors available so far, a perfect sealed sliding door, which stays in place even in stormy weather and maintains airtightness. The new sliding door is an improved version of the deservedly popular lift-and-slide door. The Smoovio utilizes a clamping closure and circumferential seals that provide an uncompromising seal.

PVC profile:5 air chamber cases, 5 air chamber sash

Glass:3 layer, max. 48 mm thick glass

Hinge/Fitting:Innovative ROTO fitting

Smoovio Sliding Door - Specifications

Sizes in mm

Total thickness of door


Case and hinge apparent height


Maximum thickness of tripple-glazed glass


Case installation depth


Opening Types

'A' scheme: sliding -> fix or fix <- sliding


'C' scheme: fix <- sliding, sliding -> fix


Values, Other Information

Uf value (profile heat transfer value, W/m2K))


Uw value (extra glass)

up to 0.85

Number of circumferential seals


Steel reinforcement in case and sash

Closed profile

Smoovio Sliding Door - Profile Properties

Profile composition:
The fixed and sliding sash has a 74 mm installation depth and a 4-chamber German PVC profile
Three-layers, up to 48 mm
Steel Reinforcement:
U-profile for white structures; closed profile for colorful structures
Closed, Circumferential seals
Door Sill:
Almost barrier-free (only 25 mm), the sill can be lowered to floor level
Innovative ROTO hardware. Increased burglary security

Smoovio Sliding Door - Glazing Properties

The glass of windows, balcony doors, sliding doors can be endowed with a wide range of helpful comfort, thermal insulation, or safety functions. As standard, double-layer glass already has an excellent thermal insulation value (Ug = 1.0 W / m2K), but it can also be ordered with laminated safety glass or 3-layer glazing with extra thermal insulation.

The most popular glass types

Normal Two-layer glass (Ug=1.0 W/m2K)


Laminated safety glasses


Soundproof glass (38-50 dB)


Three-layer glass (Ug=0.8 W/m2K) standard


Extra three-layer glass (Ug=0.35 W/m2K)


Smoovio Sliding Door -Hinge/Fitting Properties

The MARSHALL windows, balcony doors, sliding doors already come standard with extra
security and convenience features. Comfort and safety at no additional charge!
Sliding door sash weight
Up to 300 kg, for the giant glasses
Innovative Fitting
Special ROTO rollers
Horizontal clamp locking
The key to a perfectly sealed door!
Minimal door sill
Barrier-free design that completely seals!
Low fixed sash
Even more light enters your home

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