Top-Mounted Plastarable Aluminum Shutter

Premium MARSHALL Product
Maximum width:
240 cm
Case size:
137, 165 or 180 mm

It represents an aesthetic, clean design, after plastering, the shutter case is not visible from the outside, from the front, only the lower mounting opening. The plasterable casement shutter is most often chosen for newly built houses because the shutter casing is installed under the bridge, which is subsequently covered by insulation. In the case of a plasterable shutter, the determination of the dimensions of the door and window requires professional consultation. It is necessary to provide a node drawing because the thickness and dimensions of the bridge, the wall, and the future insulation must be taken into account. The aluminum shutter, when lowered, increases burglary safety and makes it significantly more challenging to access the doors and windows. The result of the innovative lamella design is that the aluminum shutter also slightly enhances the thermal insulation, as its inner core is made of insulating material. It is also more resistant to external weather effects; for example, it provides greater protection in hail and storms. A standard stop is standard on all our shutters, preventing the shutter bar from turning into the casing structure during lifting. The shutter can be made with a built-in mosquito net if required. Optionally, it can be ordered with a comfortable motorized movement.

Shutter box:Aluminum


Guide rail:Aluminum and brushed for quiet operation


Bottom profile:Extruded aluminum, rubber finish


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