MARSHALL plastic windows and doors have a long shelf life based on a high degree of automation and precise engineering. As a result, warranty problems are negligible out of a production of approximately 120,000 units per year. We have one of the most advanced, fully computer-controlled manufacturing technologies in Hungary, requiring minimal human intervention. This ensures you the long-term, reliable operation of our plastic windows and doors. Our products are made exclusively from high-quality – predominantly German – raw materials, so we can confidently offer a warranty that is designed in accordance with the law. You can trust in MARSHALL quality!

With periodic maintenance, our products provide stable operation for decades beyond the warranty period. Please ask your MARSHALL window installation partner about scheduled preventive maintenance.

Compare warranty periods promised by other manufacturers

In the domestic plastic window and door manufacturing sector, we have seen that customers have not been able to enforce their warranty problems with some manufacturers because they have prematurely ceased their work.

The following criteria should therefore be used to assess whether the guarantee period is justified:

  • How much is the manufacturer developing its technology?
  • What is the trend in their turnover?
  • How many years has the manufacturer been in business? If the warranty period is several orders of magnitude longer than the duration of its existence, it is not very well founded.

For MARSHALL, the continuous development, the dynamic growth of its turnover and its almost 15 years of existence justify the commitment and the enforcement of the guarantee.

Enforcing the warranty

The detailed rules can be downloaded below. A summary of its main content can be found below:

The manufacturer offers a warranty period of 1 year + 4 years (only valid in the country of sale) for the components of the windows (glass, hardware, casement, sash) sold separately from the date of receipt.
The date of acceptance is understood by the manufacturer as the date of the delivery note.
The warranty rights can be enforced by the owner of the windows and doors directly against the reseller or the manufacturer.

If the windows and doors are purchased as a component of a dwelling or residential building, the buyer may make a warranty claim against the actual contractor (contractor, builder) for a period of three years from the date of completion of the handover procedure, subject to the provisions of Article 248 of the Civil Code and Government Decree 181/2003 (XI.5.).
Any defects in the installation or its unprofessionalism shall exclude any warranty or guarantee claims against the manufacturer.
The manufacturer shall not be held liable for any external defects or missing accessories after acceptance of the construction by the customer, and any complaints of this nature shall be accepted on the delivery note at the time of acceptance.

Complaints are only accepted in writing, with supporting documents (delivery note, invoice, declaration of performance, photo) to identify the product!

For installation, use, and operating instructions, please contact your authorized distributor.

The manufacturer’s protective film on the product must be removed within 2 weeks of receipt!

Reporting a complaint

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Complaints will only be accepted in writing, together with supporting documents to identify the product!

The warranty form can be downloaded by clicking on the icon.

If you have a warranty problem, please contact your MARSHALL reseller first!